Padel speler

EARLY BIRDS® Padel The best way to start the day

EARLY BIRDS® Padel is sporty and social and a fantastic way to start your day.

The concept is simple, a number of enthusiastic padel players who play a mini padel tournament together one or more mornings a week and drink a cup of coffee together afterwards.

You can easily register via the padel2day app in which the rankings are also provided. After each match, the app indicates who you will play your next game of padel with and on which court. Every day, padel2day calculates your personal score and level, so you always automatically play with players of your level.

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EARLY BIRDS® nearby Where can you play EARLY BIRDS® Padel?

EARLY BIRDS® Padel was founded in 2022 in Ibiza, where an initially modest group of friends played padel together in the morning. As this group became larger and more international, multiple courts were needed every day and EARLY BIRDS Padel was born.

From Ibiza the EARLY BIRDS® Padel has spread to the Netherlands, initially to Overveen / Bloemendaal and there are more and more padel courts where you can participate. Below (footer) you will find all locations where EARLY BIRDS® Padel is currently offered.

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