Padel2day to organize padel events

We think that padel2day is the best tool to organize padel events. All the functionality you need as an organizer of a padel event is included as standard in padel2day.

Without a tool like padel2day, organizing EARLY BIRDS is a big job, we know from experience. The administration of registrations, cancellations, payments, etc. is all done via the padel2day platform.

As a padel player you can easily buy credits from the organizers of EARLY BIRDS Padel with the free mobile app. This allows you to register for EARLY BIRDS Padel and other fun padel events. The playing strength of all padel players is recalculated every day by an algorithm. This is also taken into account in the layout so that you can always play challenging games of padel.

More information can be found on the padel2day website.


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